Education and training: is one of the main services offered by the Consejo General de Colegios de Economistas through the specialised sections: REA, REAF, REFOR,EC, ECN, EAF… They all offer post-graduate courses in the areas of economics, administration, fiscal matters,  management, Insolvency practitioners, accountancy, auditing, IT,etc.

Publications: books, articles and professional material on accounting, auditing, fiscal matters, insolvency information techonologies, economics, newsletters,…

Advice: information and legal support to members on professional matters.

National Conferences on Economics: every three years a Colegio de Economistas organise a National Conference in which different topics on economics are exposed :  the VII National Conference, «Europe in a global economy» was held in A Coruña on September 2005. The Nobel Prize, Mr. Joseph Stiglitz adressed a conference about «a global economy in Europe».  In 2008, the VIII National Conference took place in Zaragoza, under the Expo.

Congresses of the special sections of CGE: they also have  their own professional meetings every t wo years: taxes, auditing, Court proceedings…

CGE organises annually the «Economist Forum», Professional Seminar, including professional areas within CGE: auditing, accounting, tax advising, insolvency,human resources, economics and business administration education.

CGCEE has signed multiple Agreements with national, international organizations and with both  public and  private institutions:

  • Electronic Signature: Firma profesional and SRC Registradores. Standard XBRL
  • Data Protection: Agencia Española Protección de Datos
  • Creation of Companies through internet: PAIT (Mº de Industria,   Turismo y Comercio)
  • AEAT: Agencia Española de Administración Tributaria
  • Financial Education: Banco de España and CNMV
  • RECOL: Red Colegios Profesionales
  • Information Systems: FUNDETEC and IMQ (ISO 27001)
  • FIASEP: Public Auditing
  • Banks: Santander, Sabadell
  • Insurances (life, civil liability, health): Sanitas, Mapfre, Axa
  • Economic Newspapers: Expansión, Cinco Días, El Economista
  • Agreements with professional organizations of France, Italy, Portugal and different countries of South America